Hit the Rooaadd Jon…

Monday Day 21: Countdown 100 Days! WEEK 3 in the books of writing and exercising! Still LOTS of goals I'm working on concentrating on, but with those two, I've been consistent and I'm feeling proud! Still a long way to go! Summer has it's challenges with routines changing weekly, sometimes daily, but a written plan … Continue reading Hit the Rooaadd Jon…


Counting My Blessings

Monday Day 20: Countdown 101 Days Whaaatt??!! Tomorrow is the 3 week mark! I got a text today from one of my girlfriends of a screen shot showing her plane ticket purchase! This Is Happening! Nashville is coming up quick and I'm getting so excited! To me these are BiG Happenings! I don't normally get … Continue reading Counting My Blessings

Cast it Down

Sunday Day 19: Countdown 102 Days    Today I tried another yoga class, and I really enjoyed it. During one part everyone starting humming really loud on an exhale. I've taken max probably 10 yoga classes over my lifetime, and this was new to me. It kind of caught me off guard at first, so … Continue reading Cast it Down