Collage on bottle

Course includes lessons on decoupage, card making, scrapbooking and stamping techniques.

Students will explore the art of assemblage, and collage by exploring different paper mediums. Students will practice the art of assemblage on canvas boards.


IMG_91261-2-3 Paint

Participants are guided on how to paint their own masterpiece based on a painting already created. Artists will give step by step instruction on how to achieve their finished pieces. Students will leave with their very own 16X20 inch canvas. This is a great class for a date night, night out with a friend, or a chance to create a personalized gift for someone.



Collaborative Painting PieceExpressive Painting

This course explores various painting mediums, including texture gels, watercolors and acrylics. Instructor discusses various techniques for paint application including color mixing, as well as tips on how to approach a blank canvas. This is not a drawing class. This course objective is to promote individual expression by  encouraging students to think outside of the box and create their own unique artwork. This course promotes collaboration through group activities.



Painted Terra Cot PotsTerra Cotta Pot Paint Class

This class covers how to prepare a surface for paint, various techniques for paint application, color theory, along with guided design instruction. Participants must bring a pot to paint, all other supplies are provided, including paint applicators, brushes, paint, stencils, magazine cutouts, string, sponges, foils, various embellishments for decorating, spray sealants and more! Participants also have the option of planting a flower in their pots upon completion of their project.

Girls Night In!

Girls Night In!

Glass Painting

Class includes instruction on how to prepare glass surface for paint. Instructor will demonstrate painting techniques and guide participants on how to create their own unique designs.


Please call or email Michelle for class costs and party/class package information


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