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During the weekdays I have the privilege of teaching art to students from ages 5-18, that is grades K-12. My class sizes range from 11-22 students per class. Some grades are split into two classes depending on class size, so needless to say, I see lots of wonderful children in a short amount of time.

I see each class (15 classes), once a week for 45-55 minutes. Every minute of my classes are planned and timed accordingly. They have to be. Specialist teachers do not have much wiggle room in terms of time. I have to switch gears mentally, constantly, to meet the different needs of each unique age group. Each class requires elements of set up and break down of supplies, having visuals ready, and lots of resources, time fillers that coincide to our themes for each quarter, taking attendance, getting kids to their seats, TEACHING, creating, keeping work together, so on and so on! It’s a lot to juggle and some days are crazier than others, but I’m learning and growing along the way. I began this new role the fall of 2014, and I am flooded with new ideas for lesson plans, units, field trips, projects etc! It’s important to make the most of each class, which is easier to do when you have a workable structure, and a classroom management plan! So here is where I’ll be sharing all this info with you, dear readers!

Here you may find lesson plans, classroom organization tips, classroom management procedures and other teaching related info to better help the flow of my classes and perhaps even your own! The internet is full of valuable resources for teachers who have been doing this for many years offering me lasting inspiration. I hope that some of my successes and lessons learned within my classroom will help inspire someone too. You will also see some words that are black and underlined which means a link is attached (if you hover your cursor over it, it turns greens, that’s how you know!) click on the link to bring you to an additional site, where I may have borrowed an idea, or a worksheet (to give credit where credit is due), and sometimes I will link you within my own site. If you do borrow ideas from here please link back as well, and feedback is always encouraged!

Happy Teaching!

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