Budget Busters

Day 22: Countdown 99 Days Workout done! Softball game tonight too! It was so much fun! Loving this team, hanging and meeting new people! Vacation tomorrow! I'll be posting while away and purpose to stay on track. Lots of painting and jewelry plans in this next week! I'm looking forward to getting my craft and … Continue reading Budget Busters

Cast it Down

Sunday Day 19: Countdown 102 Days    Today I tried another yoga class, and I really enjoyed it. During one part everyone starting humming really loud on an exhale. I've taken max probably 10 yoga classes over my lifetime, and this was new to me. It kind of caught me off guard at first, so … Continue reading Cast it Down


Day 15, 16, 17 Countdown 104 Days:   I've been on a mini vacation in the northeast part of this great country! I love America, and I'm proud of the country I live in. There is a freedom here like NO WHERE else, and I'm thankful that I get to experience it. It's a special … Continue reading Reconnecting