Photo: Rebecca Love Photography

About Me: My name is Michelle, the founder of Shelscapes. I have an earned A.A., B.A., and a M.Ed. I’m married, with a family of two (one kid, one dog). Parts of my life story, including getting my appendix out while living in Spain, are being worked into a memoir,  with the hopes of publication. I’ve always enjoyed crafts, hands on learning projects, colors, being around people, and writing in journals. When finishing  my undergraduate degree, I tried the corporate scene for a good year, but I was cubicly trapped. It wasn’t for me. I desired to aspire professionally by staying true to my passions. Unsure of what to pursue, and newly pregnant, I enrolled into a graduate program focused on the arts, utilizing Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences within the classroom. The program was unique and life changing. My professional purpose became a bit more clear, and shortly after graduation, Shelscapes was born!

(No, Shelscapes was not my child!)

About Shelscapes: The name SHELSCAPES became the umbrella for all my interests in all things artsy craftsy to fall under, it’s a combination of my nickname name (Shel) and landscapes (scapes). I enjoy painting landscapes, and most people call me Shel, so that’s that. To give credit where credit is due, my husband came up with the name. 🙂  Under this name, Shelscapes, I host private events where I teach participants the basics of painting, and write about my teaching process as I teach art to grades K-12th.

 Mission: The purpose guiding every class and event that I teach is on bringing people/students together in an environment that cultivates each participants gifts and talents, using the arts as a means of pulling on individual intelligences. As created beings I believe we are uniquely designed with various gifts and abilities to be responders. My goal as an educator is to open up the hearts of students to find their unique voice, and learn how to use it, and once that is found, the true beauty of understanding what it means to be an artist will be unveiled.






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