Budget Busters

Day 22:

Countdown 99 Days

Workout done! Softball game tonight too! It was so much fun! Loving this team, hanging and meeting new people!

Vacation tomorrow!

I’ll be posting while away and purpose to stay on track. Lots of painting and jewelry plans in this next week!

I’m looking forward to getting my craft and art on!whoop whoop!

In other news…

So I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan. My older brother heard of him while living down south for a few years working as a “dent wizard”, following hail storms and popping dents out of cars!

Dent pulling is quite an art once learning about the trade.

Anyway, he introduced me to this finance guru who sells an idea more than anything else, this idea of

getting out of debt, staying out of debt and building wealth, no matter your income!

In short, he teaches

3 main principles

1. use cash,

2.save, save, save, and

3. spend less than you make!

All of this is only attainable when working within a spending parameter, or as he would refer to as “the dreaded budget.”

Now I’m a #’s person in terms of paying bills and balancing a checkbook. I don’t mind it, I like the order of addition and subtraction- possibly some division and multiplication- any other math terms I’m lost…

fuhget about it!

Creating a budget and STICKING to it has been helpful! It’s as Dave Ramsey would say a WIN, WIN!

I’m going to share some of the documents I use for our budgets and bill calendars in the next few posts. I’m sharing because I got into budgeting from reading and gleaning from others who had the same goal in mind—-financial freedom! And his BABY STEPS have positively impacted our financial life BIG ways.

Time and discipline and accepting failure, especially the times when the budget flies out the window …but it’s worth the work! Investing in the future, for the unpredictable, for actual events, for family is IMPORTANT!

If this is helpful, I’d like to know! Comments help us bloggers! I like to write for the audience and if it’s not benefiting anyone- I’ll stick to pen and paper for my own personal release!

I’m getting real, only because personal finance is HUGE and I’ve learned SO MUCH from regular people being honest and sharing helpful info!

I’ll start by saying we are not at the point to do the infamous DEBT FREE scream, but we have a plan and at least there is an end date in mind!

A goal to work towards!

Zig Ziglers states, “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time! ”

And it’s so true with MONEY- Ramsey is big on “telling your money where to go!”

Another money quote by Dave Ramsey is (pun intended)

“You either learn to manage money or the lack of it will always manage you”

My husband and I make a good team and that is SUPER helpful when it comes to personal finance. There were MANY years when we weren’t and there were prices to be paid.. literally. 🙂

( I know… I’m killing it with the puns)

Back to the Budget:

Financial freedom I believe begins with a budget! Telling money where to go before it goes away and I’m left to wonder

“where’d all dat $$ go??”

It definitely takes a few months to get on track when NOT living on a budget, but a good 3 or 4 months of consistent income planning MATTERS!

Some Budget Busters that I NEVER thought to plan for in the past:

1. Birthdays

2. Weddings/social events

3. Holidays

4. Car repairs

5. Seasonal – kid clothes, SUMMER, sports

7. Vacations

Ramsey refers to these as SINKING FUNDS and creating a space for these has drastically changed our spending habits!

Saving just a few dollars every week for those things and planning ahead alleviates a lot of stress when the events happen! Instead of credit cards for emergencies, the cash is there to fund the emergency!

Um.. an interest free WIN WIN!

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the budget tools I’ve been using since January of this year! Some tips and weekly habits of what’s been helping me to stay organized and on track!

What’s everyone else doing to say organized and out of debt??