Don’t Stop Reaching

Day 12:

Countdown 109 Days

Sunday really felt like a Sunday for me in the “day of rest” category. It started with treats and friends and carried into the evening with rest and relaxation. Everything a Sunday should be filled with!

Easing into Monday with rest on the mind is not going to bode well for my desired accomplishments, so I’m trying to shake my

Sunday shlump.

(I KNOW, it’s NOT a word, but you’re getting my vibe)

Journaling is good for me, I can actually READ my thought process and recognize patterns that will eventually lead to a less than desired outcome. A week ago I was pumped! It was five days into my exercise challenge which had catapulted my mind into more challenges and now I’m feeling the creeping thoughts of “old ways” looking for vacancy.

Well, here I am, telling myself I’m not giving up by screaming out…


for thoughts that will bring me backward!

Having a plan is important. Here is my advice for weeks to come in remaining strong minded and on track with my goals.

1.Write down nutrition and fitness goals BEFORE the week begins

2.Keep separate calendars for different tasks

i.e. events calendar, budget calendars, fitness calendar, work calendar

(this  helps me NOT to get overwhelmed with too many to do’s in ONE place)

3. Meal plan, as in writing out a grocery list with all meal items, stick to it in the store

4. Create a designated time to STOP working!

If I’m not finished, pick it up tomorrow, it’s not the end of the world, and if that’s not working out, start EARLIER

5. Plan to stay on track when on “vacation”

6.Sleep is important and Good nutrition


I’ll end there!

I’ve noticed that good nutrition is so important but also hard if I don’t have a plan to meet it! It’s seems like common sense but it’s not always common practice. When I’m taking in good stuff I feel good! I have more energy to exercise, I feel more motivation to be productive, I’m nicer…really though.

Sometimes I think funky foods make my brain do somersaults and increase mood swings. Also, I LOVE creating, and I need to make it a daily habit to develop skill and creative HABIT.

Honestly, some days I feel amazingly accomplished when I have a

fresh roll of paper towels and the dishes get done, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Truth be told,

SETTING ONE NEW goal and purposing to


has increased my momentum to

SET MORE in so many OTHER areas of my life,

and I don’t want to lose it.

I like looking forward to something new and staying inspired.

Though I have a countdown, I don’t want my goal setting to be something that gets an end date.

Goals will continue to increase, as I continue to reach.

 The race ain’t over.

Don’t Stop Reaching!