What’s The Point?

Day 10

Countdown 111 Days

Part of me doesn’t want to be doing this right now. I’m wrestling with a. Being tired and b. What’s the point?

Ive fallen asleep a few times trying to think about what to write!

Moments when writing is forced are not my favorite. Thoughtless sentences of endless babbles and overshares are bad writing habits for me. Old journals of mine are proof that anyone can write, but not everyone will care to read it.

I want people to care, I want words to matter and I want the time taken to be valuable.

Ever read a bad book?

I have.

There are moments when I think it’s going to get better, I just have to get past this one more section and it will pick up… and then it doesn’t. It’s a disappointing and exhausting waste of concentration and memory. But I have to finish it else how can I REALLY know?

My mood at this hour is as if I’m reading a bad book… I don’t want to continue it, but I feel like I have to.

Even a bad book has a beginning and an end and getting to the end is usually the whole point.

Today lots of priorities were set and met…that’s all I have to say.

Still working thru…

That’s my point.