Week 1 and DONE

 Day 7

Countdown: 114 Days

And just like that, I’m crossing off WEEK 1! A week of doing what I set out to do, and it went by FAST! Tomorrow I’m expecting company! I’m so excited to have one of my besties here with her two little one’s! It’s so cool to watch our kids grow up together just as we did! I’ll still be writing and sticking to my goals, and I have a feeling my friend will be joining me as well!

Here is what the end of WEEK 1 is looking and feeling like:

  • I feel accomplished
  • Every muscle is sore
  • I almost fell down the stairs from my legs buckling at least a dozen times today
  • I’ve been really excited and working hard to reach my goal, that I’ve been sleeping less, and I need sleep so I’m trying to focus on getting goals met EARLIER in weeks to come
  • Having a calendar that is solely dedicated to my goals, is EMPOWERING! CROSSING something off every day that is for my benefit feels good!
  • balance balance balance…working to FIT IN these new goals has caused me to adjust my normal routine, and I’m working on spreading out all the daily to do’s in a more manageable way
  • I’m tired, and I haven’t watch a movie in months and I’m going to go do that now.

    Good Night All!