I Am Significant

Day 4:

Countdown 117 Days

Deadlines have an invisible power over me.

Even when I’m the one setting them. If I didn’t get this post published by tonight it’s almost as if some invisible force of nature would swoop down and stamp my forehead with GIANT RED LETTERS,



Today was a busy day. It’s wedding weekend for a close family friend and we are all excited to celebrate with them tomorrow.

I’m tired and I’ve deleted far too many paragraphs of unrelated ideas, overshares, and ramblings for one evening!

Meeting my exercise goal for the day was hard- it’s the weekend and part of me just didn’t want to get it done, but I did it anyway, and it felt good.

I also have a pile of canvasses that I gessoed over a few days ago and I’m excited to paint on them this week to add to my Etsy shop!

Amidst my business, writing, and health goals,

Some much needed quiet time was required of my spirit this evening and I found a good book titled

“The Burden is Light” on my shelf.

The first page I opened to was page 28

(I never start at the beginning…I can’t explain it)

Anyway, this page is titled Finding Your True Identity, and explores how I can know who I am in Christ

these were some affirmations-

I am accepted

I am secure 

I am significant.


I’m definitely on a journey.

Where it will lead is uncertain.

Until tomorrow…


I’m still reading the book, but I needed to publish this post before midnight!