Set Backs

Day 2:

Countdown: 119 days

I’m feeling so inspired lately! I’m holding onto this and purposing not to surrender to FEAR, DOUBT, and INSECURITY. I’m putting it out here with the hopes of helping others cultivate strength to set goals with a thought out plan of how to reach it!

Yesterday was AWESOME! I was so excited about reaching all these new goals, I didn’t want to go to sleep! I went to bed wanting it to be morning, so I could tackle my to do’s. I didn’t end up falling asleep until 11:30.

That’s late for me! Then REALITY-which is uncertainty, the things I DIDN’T PLAN FOR, these will be the MOST CHALLENGING parts of REACHING MY GOALS!

On this day, Thursday, June 21st

(the blog is a day off in the upper left corner and I can’t figure out why!!!!pay no mind)

        My dog woke me up at 5 am, and that felt terrible, but I couldn’t ignore her, so I took her for a walk, then I went back to sleep until 750. My little guy greeted me with a smile and said “you’re not up yet??”, he was happy and ready for the day!  I was feeling kind of lethargic because I went to bed late…so my day started much different than I had hoped. Not only did I wake up late, but the coffee I was so excited about having the night before, had already been brewing for over two hours so it wasn’t very hot, and if there are any other people that still brew their coffee…

you know how terrible this is!

 I even pressed the “on” button to re-heat it, but it’s not the same as a fresh pot and tastes heavy and chalky and just gross…

these might not sound like big deals, but these are the things that can affect the plans of my ENTIRE day

IF I choose to let them. 

So, the day had not begun as planned, but that’s okay.

No day will begin as planned. I have to KNOW this and not let ANYTHING get in my way.


(Coffee pun NOT INTENDED)

Defeat is not an option. 

To some, these events may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of the BIG things in life, but I believe it’s the little things we must pay attention to or else they become undetected BIG things later on.


 It’s important! 

It has to happen daily, sometimes moment by moment.

So 8:00am has rolled around, maybe 8:30, I’ve missed my two hour morning window of alone time, my kid is up, husband is gone for work, and the demands of the day begin. My goal was to have a workout in before 10 am!

and time was ticking away!

Reading the Bible is priority in the am hours, I need it to start my day RIGHT,

but sometimes I don’t…

I’ll check my phone and then that turns into a deep dark black hole of one link turning into another, to watching a “story” of a friend, then it turns to watching 10 stories or more, to ..”ooohhh I like that room design”, so I’ll look up design ideas, and that will turn into another thought, which will lead to another google search, then the weather then the news then…

an hour had passed…


An easy 40 minutes was spent trying to make a youtube video which ended up being a giant waste of time, and really it was my own self procrastinating what I knew had to be done!

It’s 9:30!

My goal hadn’t been met yet!


I can be my own worst enemy!

But there is POWER in knowing I’M IN CONTROL of how I choose to behave and spend my time, 


Yes! I got that workout in before 10am.

 I worked harder than I did yesterday, and it felt good.


It’s true!

I’ve chosen some bad habits, and now I’m working on kicking them aside!

Every day will have it’s challenges, and I’m facing them!


Day 2 in the books!


Good night all!