Goals Matter, Set some!


Day 1:

Countdown: 120 days

              It’s been 170 days since New Year’s Day! After Christmas, for the past five years, I have written down a goal sheet of desires or prayers and have folded that paper into an ornament to hang on the tree for the following year. Last year at Christmas it was pretty cool to read the one’s from years past. One of the goals was “get a house”…and I read that one out loud to my little family in the loft of our newly built home. There were some answered prayers, and some not yet answered, and some were goals inscribed as just dreams, without a plan of how to be reached.

        So here I am, mid June, looking back on what I had hoped the end of a new year would look like, and the end is only 197 days away! Twenty-four weeks into this new year, with about twenty-eight left to go.

Half the year = 6 MONTHS

That’s a lot of time. I wonder if I did 10 push ups every day since January 1st, until today June 20th, if anything would have changed in my physique.

Most definitely YES!

I’ve done the dishes since January 1st at least 500 times, if not more. I’ve done laundry, prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner, worked, taken my dog for walks, cleaned up clutter, opened mail, brushed my teeth, paid bills, etc.

Imagine if I hadn’t or skimped out on any of those for more than a day, a week, a month or more?


Adding more TO Do’s to that list is easy. Daily things. They just seem like something I HAVE to do!

But I don’t, HAVE to, no one if forcing me, I motivate myself to GET IT DONE…because of the consequences.

For some reason working out always gets put off! It’s something I wait on. I’ll workout, SOMETIMES, but it’s inconsistent and always finds it’s way onto the

“not a TODAY priority” list…

Does anybody else have a record of those lists????

And I like to exercise! If I were fetching pails of water from the town stream every day, or hiking down to market to fetch my family dinner, or scrubbing the laundry in the heat of the day on a washboard…”working out” wouldn’t be a thing, but it is…because A. I have a washer machine. B. Grocery stores on every corner and C. I own a car, not a horse.

And let me say, It’s sometimes PAINFUL to get motivated and takes work, but I enjoy challenging my body and my mind. That’s what this GOAL is all about. It’s not a focus on weight loss, though that will come, it’s on being strong, MENTALLY.

Once I conquer this, everything else has to obey what my thoughts dictate.

James Allen wrote in a short MUST READ titled, As a Man Thinketh,

(click on the book title! You can read it for free on Google Books!)

“The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.”

Every action stems from our thoughts. Proverbs 23:7 says

“As a man thinketh in his heart SO IS HE”

I’ve spent half this year focusing on some things, but not enough. Half met goals because of half lived hopes. Today I am applying works to my faith, knowing the results I desire will come, but action is needed to get there.

So my “not a today priority” list has been moved to a TODAY PRIORITY.

Today, exercise was a priority and I did it.

Tomorrow, exercise is a priority and I’m doing it!

Today, writing was a priority and I did it.

Tomorrow, there are lots of priorities, and I will do every one.

This was sent to me by my brother to help motivate me on my own journey, and maybe you will feel inspired by it too.


(Post Script- I meant to post this last night…)

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