New Year, New Happenings!

Shelscapes is swinging into 2018 with lots of new events!

It’s 2018! Hooray! I love the new year. It’s so exciting for me to feel like I get to start fresh,    especially when day 1 began on a Monday! What what!!??

Winter can be a hard time of year for us New Englanders to FEEL good, especially given these frigid temperatures! Going into 2018 for some looks harrowing as the stresses of yesterday, have carried into today. FRET NOT- painting is the answer to all of your worries!

No, not really, but it’s fun, relaxing, and get’s your mind and body to work together in new and challenging ways! I have found the creative process as a meaningful and NEEDED escape from everyday things. You know, those things that will always be there no matter what day or year it is!

Here’s what’s happening this month!

 1. Paint Parties at the Border Cafe in Saugus, on RT 1 

We will be painting this Red Barn on MONDAY JANUARY 29th! Get tickets here!

If you are interested in booking a private paint party event, for a birthday or celebration  Shelscapes will travel to your home or approved venue of choice! Click here , fill out your desired date and Shelscapes will begin to plan your event!

2. The second Tuesday of the month is TEEN PAINT PARTY NIGHT at FUDDRUCKERS in Saugus beginning February 13th!

Boston Skyline Themed!

For more information about TEEN NIGHT *click here!*


3. Adult Art Course: HOW TO MAKE A SILHOUETTE 

beginning Thursday MORNINGS on FEBRUARY 8TH from 10-1130am at the MEG building in Saugus.

Silhouette Class

For more information about the Adult Art Course *CLICK HERE!*

  I hope you’ll join me, Shel, and other participants at a Shelscapes Painting Event or class! Give creativity a chance and maybe you will get inspired or inspire someone else with your unique gifts and abilities!

Happy New Year!



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