Paint Your Pet Night…but I can’t paint!

“I’m just not creative”

English Bull Terrier“I can’t paint”

“I’m just not artistic”

“Drawing is not my thing”…Find yourself saying these things?

Please know that these classes are not meant for you to feel creatively paralyzed, quite the contrary. I’ve heard many people say “it’s just not my thing”, “I can’t draw, let alone paint.”

I urge you to silence that voice, and take a leap of creative faith. Why? Well, it’s rewarding to step outside of your self. It’s easy to approach a familiar task knowing you can take it on, well aware of your gifts and talents. If you have never painted, it can seem like a daunting task. When we become aware of SELF and all its’ limitations, our thoughts tend to paralyze our will as we approach the unpredictable. BUT, when you are able to cross the hurdle of self consciousness, and dive into a new project, it’s more than REWARDING, it’s inspiring!

I think that’s why some refer the the creative process, or art ventures as THERAPY. I’m almost certain, if we are honest with who we are as people, we probably all have some type of “disorder” that could use some healing. Creating something can be a positive release for the creatively constipated. 🙂 So I urge any new participants, embrace the unknown and explore the unique abilities you have as humans to IMAGINE and to create.

I stand before the class as a creative guide, showing you how to cultivate CREATIVE CONFIDENCE along with giving you basic acrylic painting tips and demonstrating some techniques to get you started.

This is not a paint by number class. Everyone’s work will differ.

English Bull Terrier**Tips**

•bring a photo with a good head shot of your pet where you can easily distinguish the general outline of your pet

•for a less detailed painting, silhouettes are great and are visually satisfying, you can do an image search of your pet on the internet. For example, type into any search engine “silhouette of an English bull terrier” , click on images and bring it with you to the class

•drawing pencils will be provided if you wish to first sketch your photo

•abstract paintings are fun to explore here is a cool website of various abstract animal paintings to glean from

•please wear clothes you don’t mind staining, acrylic paint does not wash off of clothing

These are just some things to get the creative juices flowing! Please bring your own unique ideas with you! Looking forward to painting with you all and sharing ideas!

Event: Paint your Pet

Venue: Prince Pizzeria

RT 1 Broadway, Saugus

Cost: $35

When: July 31 from 7-9pm

Purchase you ticket here: Paint Your Pet Ticket Link!



See you soon!


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”- Albert Einstein