Walking towards the woods…

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

IMG_2726My family and I recently retreated to Maine near the Carrabassett Valley area, to briefly escape city life. It’s amazing how the woods can lift one’s spirit. I call it my peaceful retreat, a rehab from modern day living and technology. We stayed at my family’s cabin nestled at the edge of a lake, encompassed by big sky, and hundreds upon thousands of visible star clusters, along with a farmhouse a few miles away with access to acres upon acres of woods. It’s paradise with the perks of simplicity. Just imagine, four days without internet, television and running water! Simply lovely.


IMG_2730There is something I find in the air up there, a mere three and a half hours north of this north shore that sets my spirit free. It’s a place that serves as a time for creative awakenings, even when not looking for one. Being surrounded by the natural world helps me to unwind from societal distractions, to be still and quiet within. To access the inner peace I so desire, becomes attainable as I recognize and credit nature’s true artist. At the farmhouse I decided to approach the woods, about 100 yards from the back door. With a God of wonders ministering to me life through the beauty of creation, my approach to the tree line became less intimidating. My feet neared the entrance of the woods, slowly, as if not to intrude, awaiting my welcome. The birds sent off their warning calls as I approached the habitat of other living things. I ventured a little further and stopped, feeling that my presence was known, and with humble reverence accepted the invitation and simply stood in awe at all the life I had found in a cold winter’s wood.

IMG_2763I have an old book from my grandfather called The Naturalist and its’ intro reads, “The beauties of nature renew themselves constantly…Like a vision of a kaleidoscope, they are fleeting or momentary, but the pleasure you find in them can be kept in your heart”. On the morning of our departure, I spotted a beautiful orange fox just past the hill where the tree line began. He was well aware of me long before I saw him, our eyes met, and as I turned to get the binoculars for a closer look, he retreated back to his home. It was a timely gift from the longest season of the year. I drove home happy and refreshed thanks to the woods and wildlife.

Article written for Saugus Life Magazine

Look for it in the March Issue